Twined Rag Rug Sampler

Twined Rag Rug Sampler


Friday Morning 9-12.

Students will learn weft twining on a small loom and use fabrics that they will bring and cut in class. Twined rugs tend to be heavier, thicker, and more durable than many other rag rugs and use much of the same terminology as weaving. We will be making a sampler utilizing different pitches and colors to familiarize students with techniques. Finished sampler size will be approximately 14” x 20’.

Instructor: Lisa Thyr

Materials Fee: $15 (payable to to instructor day of class).
Includes 15” x 21” Wood twining loom.

What to bring: Approx. ¼ yd. fabric for warp. This fabric will be covered by the weft fabrics so it does not need to be your best fabric. It should not be thin fabric in order to make a sturdy base to weave on. I would suggest nothing heavier than denim or light upholstery fabrics. One yard each of two different color fabrics will be needed for the weft. Fabrics that complement and contrast each other color-wise are good choices. This is a wonderful way to de-stash leftover fabric, old sheets, tablecloths, etc. Also bring scissors, or a rotary cutter and mat, for cutting the fabric. Email with any questions.

Capacity: 8

Instructor Biography: Lisa began crocheting as a young girl and began knitting in high school. Encouraged by two friends to learn to spin, she has since spent many years exploring raising sheep, spinning, and weaving. She has many other craft hobbies and interests, and creates unique, one-of-a-kind shawl pins, fiber jewelry, and other hand-crafted items. She enjoys getting others involved in all types of hands-on crafting and fiberwork, and teaches in and out of her home.

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